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News on Preventing an Enemy from Arising with Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) 1 December 2008
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Dr. Leffler Presents at Military and Law Enforcement Conference
More Than 9,600 Invincible Defense Technology Experts Trained in Latin America
Publications About Invincible Defense Technology - 2008
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Invincible Defense Technology News keeps you up-to-date on how Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) is being accepted world-wide. Be the first to know: which countries are invincible, which leaders are accepting IDT, IDT events, new books, media coverage and more.
David Leffler, Ph.D.
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USA: InvincibleMilitary.org
Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS) StrongMilitary.org
Washington, D.C.Dr. Leffler Presents at Military and Law Enforcement Conference  
Dr. David Leffler gave a briefing about Invincible Defense Technology at a conference for military and law enforcement-related personnel in Washington, D.C. on 18 November, 2008. The conference was sponsored by Marcus Evans Defense, and it was called, "The Fifth Annual Countering IEDs: Assessing the IED Threat and its Evolution on the Battlefield and in the Homeland."
In the global war on terrorism, IEDs, or "Improvised Explosive Devices," have been responsible for at least two-thirds of US and coalition deaths.
"Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) as a Means to Prevent the Implementation of IEDs" was Dr. Leffler's topic. Dr. Leffler explained how IDT is the best "left of the boom" strategy. "If an IED attack were placed on a timeline, IDT would be furthest to the left of the boom (explosion) because IDT prevents enemies from arising," said Dr. Leffler "No enemies, no IEDs." He presented peer-reviewed research showing the effectiveness of IDT.
"The audience was totally engaged in Dr. Leffler's briefing," said Commander Fred Therrien, US Navy (Ret.), who attended the talk.
Many attendees asked probing questions after the presentation, and wanted more materials on IDT.
Dr. Leffler attended the entire conference and met with military-related officials the rest of the week.
More Than 9,600 Invincible Defense Technology Experts Trained in Latin America
On 27 October, 9,665 civilians in six countries in Latin America started learning the core component of Invincible Defense Technology.

Research has shown that when IDT experts practice the Transcendental Meditation program and its advanced practices together in sufficiently large groups, the region experiences a decrease in social problems and ultimately, invincibility. When the participants complete their training courses, their practice in large groups is expected to accelerate progress toward invincibility for their countries, throughout the continent, and in the entire world.
The number of participants who began IDT courses:

Brazil: 4615
Peru: 2500
Bolivia: 1000
Mexico: 1000
Ecuador: 300
Colombia: 250

All the new IDT experts in Latin America will add to the coherent influence created by those already trained.
Editor's Commentary: These civilian groups are comprised mostly of school children. While it is true they are the future leaders, they are also doing the military's job of protecting the nation. Since the military is paid to protect the nation, it behooves the government and the military to take responsibility for creating coherence in the future, by funding these groups and/or establishing a Prevention Wing of the Military that is trained in IDT.
Publications About Invincible Defense by CAMS Members - 2008 
2008 has been a good year for increased awareness of the benefits of Invincible Defense Technology. Editorials, letters and articles were published in Aljazeera Magazine, American Contractors In IraqArab NewsFiji Daily Post, The Seoul Times, and United Kingdom-based Middle East Online.
In mid-November the Ex-Premier of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina said he believes in building a "strong and invincible" defense system. In response, Dr. Leffler, Executive Director at the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS) wrote an editorial, "A Proven Approach to Make Bangladesh Strong and Invincible," which was published by News From Bangladesh, Daily Online Alochona, Dhaka Mails, Democratic Labor Party Bangladesh, Bangladesh Business On Line, Blitz and Pakistan-based South Asian Media Net
Another version of this editorial by Dr. Leffler entitled: "A Proven Approach to Make the Pakistan Air Force Invincible" was published by Frontier India Strategic & Defence and reprinted in Deutsche Nachrichten Agentur and Sparks of Light.
Other editorials about Invincible Defense Technology recently published by Dr. Leffler were published in News of Interest and Canada-based Sentinel Review
News Flash for 3 December 2008: Today's lead story published by News Wing entitled "A Proven Approach to Counter Terrorism in India" by Maj Gen (Retd) Kulwant Singh, PhD, UYSM, John Hagelin, PhD and David Leffler, PhD was also featured in Northern News Lines. This editorial explained how terrorist attacks like those in Mumbai, India could be prevented.
These editorials are all based on Appendix C: of the 254 page US government-sponsored report: "55 Trends Now Shaping the Future of Terrorism" (see reference at the bottom of this article). The entire report is available online at: http://www.carlisle.army.mil/proteus/docs/55-terror.pdf
The 14 November 2008 issue of India Defence Consultants (IDC) featured their analysis entitled "What's Hot -- Analysis of Recent Happenings Ending Terrorism the Maharishi Way" as the headline story. It said: 
Such an approach [Invincible Defense Technology] was also advocated by the Psychological Research Wing of the DRDO [the Defence Research and Development Organisation, Ministry of Defence, Govt. Of India] who advocated the introduction of meditation and yoga among troops to stem the spate of suicides and fratricides plaguing the armed and security forces - all caused by various stress factors.
Their analysis included a special section about Invincible Defense Technology that featured three articles by Dr. David Leffler on the topic. See:
2008 papers and abstracts on IDT by CAMS members included:
Dr. David R. Leffler, (in press, paper is accepted for publication, abstract appears in Session 6, p. 44 of the conference proceedings). A New Role for the Military: Preventing Enemies from Arising-Reviving an Ancient Approach to Peace. In the proceeding of the "International Sociological Association Research Committee 01 Seoul National University & Korea Military Academy International Conference on Armed Forces & Conflict Resolution in a Globalized World." July 14 - 17, 2008, Seoul, Korea. Also presented at KIDA, the Korea Institute of Defense Analyses.
Col. Brian M. Rees (Abstract). The Application of Strategic Stress Management in Winning the Peace. In the proceeding of the "International Conference on Armed Forces & Conflict Resolution in a Globalized World" July 14 - 17, 2008, Seoul, Korea, Session 12, p. 87.

Col. Brian M. Rees & Dr. David R. Leffler, (Abstract). Stress reduction Using the Transcendental Meditation Program: Solution to problems Arising from Combat Stress. In the proceeding of the "International Sociological Association Research Committee 01 Seoul National University & Korea Military Academy International Conference on Armed Forces & Conflict Resolution in a Globalized World." July 14 - 17, 2008, Seoul, Korea, Session 3, p. 16.
Dr. David R. Leffler, (2008, February). An Overlooked, Proven Solution to Terrorism. In "55 Trends Now Shaping the Future of Terrorism." Edited by Dr. Marvin J. Cetron and Owen Davies: The Proteus Trends Series, Volume 1, Issue 2 (pp. 18, 79, 176, C-13 through C-16).
Dr. David and Mrs. Lee LefflerIn Closing: What is Invincible Defense Technology?
If you are new to Invincible Defense Technology, please read this primer.
Can militaries eliminate terrorism solely by deploying weaponry and soldiers?
The answer is "no." Often, such strategies only raise tensions even further. Military leaders need to understand that terrorism and war are human problems requiring human solutions. The underlying cause of these, and other types of social violence, is accumulated stress.
Therefore, to eliminate such social problems, all militaries need to reduce collective societal stress. The answer to the problem is simple. No collective stress means no tension between rival factions. No terrorism.
Extensive scientific research indicates that the best way to reduce collective societal stress, and thereby snuff out war and terrorism, is by adopting an ancient Vedic strategy. "Avert the danger that has not yet come."
The late Physicist and Vedic scholar Maharishi Mahesh Yogi revived the ancient Vedic technology of Invincible Defence in a non-religious manner. It has been quietly and successfully used by members of many faiths to eliminate conflict in the recent past. By applying this human resource-based technology, which is nourishing and not destructive, all militaries could reduce tensions and control terrorism.
A Prevention Wing of the Military would be the ideal way to use this technology. This wing would comprise about 2-3% of the military. The remaining personnel would carry out their normal military duties. The Prevention Wing of the Military would be trained in the primary components of Invincible Defence Technology - the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program and its advanced practices. They would practice these techniques in a group morning and evening. The group would radiate coherence in the atmosphere, affecting their own minds as well the minds of others, including those of the opponents. Peaceful overtures would increase from all sides, reducing tensions.
Extensive scientific research has shown that Invincible Defense Technology works. Mozambique used IDT to end its civil war in the 1990's. More and more countries have enough practitioners of the TM-Sidhi program to be invincible. Will your country be next?
Best Wishes,
David R. Leffler, Ph.D.
Lee M. Leffler, M.A.

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