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Current Issue of David Leffler's Invincible Defense Technology News

12 April 2011 - Navy Times & Marine Corps Times Publish About TM & PTSD - Jerry Yellin and Dr. David Leffler Published in Sri Lanka - Lieutenant Dan Burke, US Navy SEAL Teams (Ret.) (1964 - 2011) - CBS Radio Interviews Jerry Yellin About PTSD - Military Medicine Accepts PTSD and TM Study for Publication - Fox News & Wall Street Journal on Operation Warrior Wellness - Radio Health Journal Interviews Dr. David Leffler & Jerry Yellin

Past Issues of David Leffler's Invincible Defense Technology News

23 Sept 2010 - Ecuador's Invincible Military: Photo Gallery

2 Jul 2010 - Latin American Country of Ecuador Has an Invincible Military -

24 May 2010 - Soon-To-Be-Invincible Latin American Militaries - Military Application of Transcendental Meditation Gaining Acceptance - Former Reagan/Bush Military Aide Published in US Newspaper On Invincible Defense - CAMS International Advisor Featured in Invincible Defense Videos - Fund Established to Help US Veterans to Become TM Teachers- Dr. Leffler Interviewed in Plausible Futures - Invincible Defense Publications by CAMS Members - Since 18 Mar 2010

18 March 2010 - Military Application of Transcendental Meditation Gaining Acceptance Press Release - Invincible Defense Publications by CAMS Members Since 1 Jan 2010

27 Nov 2009 - Taking The Men Who Stare at Goats Seriously - Dr. Leffler Speaks at Institute for Defense and Business - Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace Publishes Invincible Defense Paper - New Video: PTSD and Transcendental Meditation - Brazilian Government will Train 1.5 Million People - CAMS Advisor Featured in British Publication

27 April 2009 - Invincible Defense Technology in Nepal - Invincible Defense Technology in Germany, Denmark and Sri Lanka - TM Praised on Fox TV - Online Donations Accepted for Invincible Defense Technology - Publications About Invincible Defense by CAMS Members - First Quarter 2009

1 December 2008 - Dr. Leffler Presents at Military and Law Enforcement Conference - Invincible Defense Technology Experts Trained in Latin America - Publications About Invincible Defense Technology in 2008

24 August 2008 - Invincible Defense Technology Experts Tour South Korea - Invincible Defense Technology Reports from 7 Countries - Dr. John Hagelin Video Transcript

11 April 2008 - Army's New PTSD Treatments - Editorial: The Race for "Inner Space" - Proceedings from 3 International Conferences - Invincible Defense Featured in U.S. Terrorism Report

6 Feb 2008 - The Passing of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - Hour-Long Invincible Defense Technology Conference - Directors of Defense Needed - New Article: Rationale for the Maharishi Effect

1 Jan 2008 - A New Year's Resolution: Create World Peace through Vedic Defense - New Tool for Calculating Invincibility - Scoreboard of Invincible Nations - Invincibility Update from India

8 Nov 2007 - Peru Added to List of Invincible Countries - US Army Colonel Completes Masters Paper on IDT - Post-Traumatic Stress/IDT Articles in Two Military-Related Publications - What is Invincible Defense Technology?

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